About us

Our standards do not mean simply cleaning or valeting cars. Green Star standards are to create and/or keep up new car feeling. Every service, every time, every car. Always. We offer various options to suit your time, budget and requirements. (Please refer to service list and T&Cs).  


Chemical free approach steam based mobile car valeting service

Green Star Premium Car Care provides an environmentally friendly and very personal mobile car valet service that uses the hot water and steam-based approach to clean the interior and exterior of cars with limited contact to the vehicle. The minimal contact approach and the use of non-toxic products means there is less damage to the vehicle paintwork which gives a perfect result.

Years of research and significant investment in high end equipment has put Green Star in a unique position in the eco-friendly mobile car valet space. 

“We wanted a unique service focused entirely on the customer. Customer satisfaction is key. It does not matter how long it takes to complete a job but we would not leave the site until the customer is happy. Our focus is on quality and not quantity”

The service is premium not only for the vehicle and the customer but the environment as well. Our core cleaning material used is biodegradeable and we also take time to learn the condition of the fabric or leather in the car as well as other surfaces to achieve the best result possible. 

“Focus on quality and never on quantity. The customer and I must be happy with the result” – Zoltan

Why Steam?

The use of steam is part of an eco-friendly process that can be used to wash the interior as well as exteriors of a vehicle. This method has excellent sterilizing and cleaning power. 

Steam and hot water technology allows distance cleaning of your vehicle. There will be no heavy handed scrubbing or brushes used. Extra water may be used for stubborn areas. Steam can get rid of dirt in corners and even get rid of chewing gum in seconds. Due to high the temperature, it also sanitizes surfaces. This method can even tackle vehicles after off road use or very dirty long abandoned cars.

Steam only technology allows treatment without any chemicals and the bulk of our cleaning materials are biodegradable. Water wastage is mimimal with the benefit of no soapy mess around your vehicle.

It is also excellent choice for cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle because the high temperatures actually kill and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms. 

Steam eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals

Steam penetrates deep into fabric and upholstery 

Steam can be useful to clean the upholstery and other areas in hard-to-reach places 

Steam can be used on all surfaces safely 

Steam softens and lifts dirt so no scrubbing is needed 

Steam car wash method reduces water usage to around 10% per vehicle and no residues left after service