Maintenance valet

A comprehensive two stage Maintenance Valet.


  • Our Maintenance Valet is aimed at vehicles which have had a Full Valet, and wish to maintain that standard. This service typically takes less time as the interior will not be steamed.
  • Interior surfaces wiped, dressed & polished; glass/windows/windscreen/central console/dashboard/fascia/door panels and door handles. 
  • Hoovering throughout the whole interior, including the boot.
  • Exterior wash includes wiping door shuts and fuel cap.
  • Wax applied as standard.
  • Paintwork will be respected; no scrubbing, use of brushes or silicon blades. Only high quality microfibre cloths will be used (fresh/new at every stage.)
  • Wheels cleaned & tyres dressed with oil free agent.


Before your service: Please ensure your car is empty of personal belongings, household rubbish, or leftover food as we would prefer not to charge for the removal of these items. Please provide sufficient safe space and legal parking for the service. We will ensure your vehicle is checked throughly prior to the service.

(Timing and prices are based on normal/urban usage)

Small car



1.5-2.0 hours

2/3/4 seatbelts


Large car



2.0-2.5 hours

5/6 seatbelts

mercedes E/S/G Class/A4/5/6/Range Rover

7 seater



2.5-3.0 hours

7 seatbelts

Land Rover/Galaxy/BMW X5/X7

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Timing of services and prices

We will always recommend to our customers the most cost effective solution in order to achieve our standards. For example if you are booked for a Maintenance Valet and your muddy carpets can be cleaned with extra time, we would not pressure you to buy a Full Valet service. We would instead charge using the following: (20/30/45/60 minutes at £10/£20/£30/£40, which would be added to your final service cost)