Full Valet PLUS

additional services if needed

Extras based on extra time spent on a particular service or special
equipment being used.

Price: £35.00/hour or the minimum charge £25.00 e.g. Dog hair removal minimum charge £25.00. Hourly rate £35.00


  • Wheel arches and wheel drums deep cleaning
  • Very dirty car (off road, bird poo, tree sap/honeydew, non-used car)
  • WAX – spray/soft/HD wax/paint sealant
  • Windscreen machine polishing
  • Paintwork machine polishing
  • Scratch removal (light scratches marks removal only. no paint correction)
  • Clay-baring
  • Pre-sale and end of lease valet service
  • Bonnet/boot channel deep cleaning (mud/leaf removal)
  • Engine bay cleaning or deep cleaning-steamed
  • Seats deep cleaning, chewing gum/stain/grease/paint and odour removal
  • Door panel deep cleaning
  • Carpet and mats deep cleaning (e.g., mould removal disinfecting)
  • Headliner reconditioning
  • Paint correction – machine or hand polishing
  • Vomit/bad smell removal
  • Headlight polishing/reconditioning
  • Soft top treatment (deep cleaning and waterproofing)


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Timing of services and prices

We will always recommend to our customers the most cost effective solution in order to achieve our standards. For example if you are booked for a Maintenance Valet and your muddy carpets can be cleaned with extra time, we would not pressure you to buy a Full Valet service. We would instead charge using the following: (20/30/45/60 minutes at £10/£20/£30/£40, which would be added to your final service cost)